Advancing Lithium Ion Battery Technologies


At FELINE, we advance lithium ion battery technologies by integrating smarter and safer components that promise to impart higher performance while maintaining safety.

We specialise in the key areas of smarter electrode materials, large format “factors” or architectures as well as tailoring cell and pack specifications. 

Our early NATO 6T Lithium-Ion battery was showcased at the International LandForces Australia INDO ASIA Pacific Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane June 2021. The 6T is the ‘workhorse of Army vehicles’. We were honoured to be a part of the City of Gold Coast’s Business showcase. 


About Us

FELINE is a young business based on the Gold Coast focussed on manufacturing advanced high performance Lithium-Ion batteries for niche applications.

Our deep understanding of battery materials includes graphite, graphene and high-performance cathodes. Our Lithium-Ion battery experience extends some 20 years, leveraging from our unique crossover of chemistry, geology, material science, nanotechnology and intellectual property expertise.  

Board Directors include Dr Kymberley Talbot and Professor Peter Talbot (Queensland University of Technology Adjunct Professor)Kymberley is a registered patent and trade mark attorney with the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board. 

FELINE collaborates with and supplies into the private and public sectors seeking to integrate our next generation batteries into niche applications that give a competitive advantage through high performance materials and safety over what is commercially available. Our lithium-ion batteries are marketed under the southvolt brand.  

Our work has been financially supported through collaboration with the Malaysian, Queensland and Commonwealth governments, including the Department of Defence Science and Technology. In February 2021, FELINE was honoured by a visit from the Minister for Science Technology and Innovation,  MP Karen Andrews, a strong supporter of advanced manufacturing. Our small scale battery manufacturing work with the AMGC and the DSTG in the maritime space has been showcased in May 2022 in the Australian Manufacturing Forum –  Excellence in maritime manufacturing – Making a case for safer lithium batteries – Australian Manufacturing Forum (


In August 2020, FELINE gained support from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, to accelerate the initial feasibility testing of their novel Li-ion battery cell format architecture.



In December 2020, FELINE was admitted as a member of the Future Battery Industry Cooperative Research Centre. FELINE will participate in a number of projects including the National Battery Testing Centre in Queensland. 



In May 2018, FELINE was awarded an EXCELLERATE AUSTRALIA PhD Industry Placement Grant for ongoing “Prototype Development of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Significant Competitive Advantage”. Supported through the Automotive Australia 2020 and iMOVE CRC’s, FELINE benchmarked a series of battery cells against each other, feeding into iterations of rapid prototyping under pre-market conditions. We congratulate Dr Josh Watts on his placement and project achievement. 

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