Battery Technologies

We work within key advancing areas of battery technologies, ranging from smarter electrode materials, to testing and the development of tailored cell and battery pack specifications to match your needs.

Cell design, testing and specifications – cell battery formats are matched to your fit-for-purpose needs. We can assist you in design, prototyping and testing and/or benchmarking your batteries against commercially available batteries at the highest quantitative levels while preserving your confidential information. Our facilities include large format cell formation capabilities.

Electrode materials  – we can assist you in designing novel or modifying your existing cathode or anode materials to meet battery grade specifications. Our deep understanding battery electrode materials stem from a unique crossover of geology, material science and nano chemical expertises.

Smarter Lithium materials – Lithium ion materials gives higher energy storage (density) and discharge performance. Smarter batteries means fewer are needed, suiting light-weight applications.