About Us

FELINE is a young business focussed on Lithium-Ion battery componentry for safe, high performance batteries. Based on the Gold Coast, we rapid prototype using bench marked commercially-available and emerging components. FELINE collaborates in the private and public sectors and look to integrate products into niche applications that give a competitive advantage through high performance materials and large format cell types. Our lithium batteries are marketed under the southvolt brand.

Our work has been financially supported by the Queensland, Commonwealth and Malaysian governments as well as private industry in Australia and the USA.   Our work on new cell format architectures is currently supported by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (https://www.amgc.org.au/project/manufacture-of-superior-lithium-ion-battery-lib/).  

Our Directors include Dr Kymberley Talbot and Professor Peter Talbot (Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology). Kymberley is a registered patent and trade mark attorney with the Trans Tasman IP Attorneys Board. An overview of our manufacturing work with the AMGC and DSTG has been recently showcased in @auManufacturing (Excellence in maritime manufacturing – Making a case for safer lithium batteries – Australian Manufacturing Forum (aumanufacturing.com.au).

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