FELINE gains traction with new nationally-funded collaboration with the Engineering Motorsports Group in Brisbane

April 2019

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science announced that the collaboration Automotive Engineering Graduate Program, ‘Intelligent BMS for large cell format Lithium Ion battery storage systems in electric vehicles’ was successful. This Project will be delivered as a joint collaboration between Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and FELINE – the developed Li-ion battery module and management system will be proven within QUT’s EV Formula SAE race car.  Awarded to QUT, two engineering graduates will be fully-supported with automotive and battery-related training between the two groups over two years. Recruitment will commence in May.

This collaboration will further increase FELINE’s development of next generation Li-ion battery systems and associated management systems with improved safety, performance and extended battery life.


January 2019

Newly funded collaboration with QUT

New FELINE Collaboration with Queensland University of Technology, “Australian High Performance Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries”. Awarded to QUT, FELINE will test QUT’s developed cathode material candidates for its’ pre-commercial large-scale Li-ion cell development.

May 2018

FELINE wins support for Lithium ion cell ‘bake-off’

FELINE is awarded an EXCELLERATE AUSTRALIA PhD Industry Placement Grant for ongoing “Prototype Development of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Significant Competitive Advantage”. This support will allow FELINE to benchmark a series of battery cells against each other, feeding into iterations of rapid prototyping under pre-market conditions. We congratulate Dr Josh Watts on this achievement.

This project is now completed with funding from the former Automotive Australia 2020 Cooperative Research Centre, and administered by the iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre. We thank iMOVE for their partnership.

November 2017

New Li-Ion Battery Company for Queensland

FELINE wins Queensland government support to commence start-up business through Advance Queensland Founders Fellowship awarded to Professor Peter Talbot of QUT